The Future of Publishing

The future of publishing is being shaped by a technologically literate population that spends more and more time online.

This ongoing shift has profound consequences for the person whose currency is the written word. It is easily possible for a writer to never see their words in print. New proficiencies are required to succeed in this marketplace – html, SEO, social media – which are just as important as the ability to combine vowels and consonants in a pleasing order.

The web has changed language and not always in a positive way. The desire to clamber up the rankings can lead to clunky writing and a negative user experience. Websites and businesses are competing for a limited supply of attention: this has driven some to seek relevance and pageviews above everything else. But you can't build an brand identity on the back of this strategy.

The web enables so many different platforms. Good web writing should adapt to both the tone of your brand and to the technical and formal demands of your chosen delivery method.
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